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Feb 11, 2011 at 07:03 AM



hi experts ,

iam running the bapi BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE for increase price incresing the material W1069020180

fot this i passed the data

Table HeaderData

u2022 INVOICE_IND (Post invoice/credit memo): X

u2022 DOC_DATE (Document date): 11.02.2011

u2022 PSTNG_DATE (Posting date): 11.02.2011

u2022 COMP_CODE (Company code): 1000

u2022 CURRENCY (Currency key): inr

u2022 GROSS_AMOUNT (Gross amount): 100000

u2022 CALC_TAX_IND (Automatically calculate tax): X

u2022 PMNTTRMS (Payment terms key): 0001

Table ItemData

u2022 INVOICE_DOC_ITEM (Invoice document item): 00001

u2022 PO_NUMBER (PO number): 30022691

u2022 PO_ITEM (PO item): 00010

u2022 TAX_CODE (Tax code): ( V0)

u2022 ITEM_AMOUNT (Item amount): 10000

u2022 QUANTITY (Quantity): 10000

u2022 PO_UNIT (Unit of measure): KC

Table GlAccountData

u2022 INVOICE_DOC_ITEM (Document item in invoice document): 00001

u2022 GL_ACCOUNT (G/L account) :53121922

u2022 ITEM_AMOUNT (Item amount): 1000

u2022 DB_CR_IND (Debit/credit indicator): H cresit

u2022 COMP_CODE (Company code): 0001

u2022 TAX_CODE (Tax code): V0

u2022 COSTCENTER (Cost center): A212

u2022 INVOICE_DOC_ITEM (Document item in invoice document): 0001

u2022 MATERIAL (Material): W1069020180

u2022 PLANT (Valuation area): AP01

u2022 DB_CR_INP (Debit/credit indicator): S debit

u2022 ITEM_AMOUNT (Item amount): 1000

u2022 QUANTITY (MENGE_D): 1000

u2022 PO_UNIT (PO quantity unit of measure): PC

u2022 TAX_CODE (Tax code): (V0)

when ever i excute its giving error

Enter goods receipt data only when working with GR-based IV

Fill in mandatory field REF_DOC, REF_DOC_YEAR, REF_DOC_IT (table parameter ITEMDATA, row 000001)

Enter the line numbers in table ACCOUNTINGDATA in ascending order

  • please if any one know inform me