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Feb 11, 2011 at 05:21 AM

Result Recording for the Optional MICs


Hi All,

I have created the MIP fro the materaial in which

i maintained the MIC with reference to the batch

characteristic. In all the MICs, maintained the

following values

1. in the control indicator Optional Characteristic

is ticked

2. in the misc, removed the tick mark for Reocord

measured values

3. MICs are the Quantitative means with lower and

upper values.

4. Some MICs have min. value from 0.000

Now the requirement is, some MICs does not required

to be valuated during the result recording, for

this i maintained the above settings but still

system ask me to maintain the values for these MICs

and also the system not picking up 0.000 when enter

the value in the result recording.

Does I miss anything apart from this for the above

requirement, your valuable advise will highly