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Former Member
Feb 11, 2011 at 04:58 AM

Mapping logic required--Counter


Hi Experts,

How to increment the counter value by 5 every time, I tried using counter arithmetic function it is now working for my requirement.

My Source structure

    <HItem> unbouded
               <Item> unbounded

          <Order> unbounded
               <OItem>1 to unbouded

Order mapped with HItem and OItem mapped with lItem.suppose my source having 2 hitem records then target side I will have 2 orders.

my Hitem record having 3 LItems then my first order will have 3 order Items , in this case my I want to increment the ID value by each time by20, initial value is going to be 10.

Second Hitem having only one Litem then I want to increment value by 20.

I tried using counter arithmentic function, it is working for only one Hitem, second Hitem it is not reseting value to 20.

I think UDF required for this, help me