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Feb 10, 2011 at 10:08 PM

Universe on Bex Query with Condition



I'm working on creating a WebI version of a Bex Report. I've created a universe on top of the Bex Query and then a WebI report based on the Universe. The Bex Query contains 4 conditions. They allow optional filtering of two measures, Less Then or Equal and Greater Then or Equal. The conditions are applied at the employee level of the results set, so for example, if an employee's total sales is greater than 50 and the user enters 50 for the condition then none of that employee's rows of data will appear.

A single filter was created in teh Universe containing all four conditions. I had to update the syntax as they were all brought in using Equals instead of the GreaterorEqual and LessOrEqual. I also updated the filter key to use the @Select and the correct dimension.

In the WebI report, only the two using LessOrEqual are functional. The two conditions that utilize GreaterOrEqual will only remove individual rows, not the enter set of rows for that employee. I've set the aggregation to sum instead of Database Delegated for the two affected measures.

If anyone has any input on how to get the GreaterOrEqual conditions functioning properly, or a workaround that will remove all rows for an employee when their sales are not above a cert number, it would be greatly appreciated.