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Feb 10, 2011 at 09:43 PM

RFPOSXEXTEND generation ends with Error: End Phase 002 Msg No. D0 322


Hi All

Offsetting Account Description in RFITEMGL (FBL3N).

To include GKONT_LTXT we appended and activated the RFPOS and RFPOSX structures and when generating RFPOSXEXTEND in SE38 I am getting following error message;

END PHASE 002***********************************************

Message No D0322

This message is some thing new to me. Also the Offset Account Name field does'nt figure out in Change layout for FBL3N Report. I am sure the above error is stopping me. I could understand that to display the values in the chage layout we need to append the structures and to populate the same, in the report we need to copy the function module in T.Code BERE and assign it in BF34.

Please do provide your valuable inputs on how to resolve the above error message.

Thanks in Advance