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Feb 10, 2011 at 07:31 PM

EPP (Budget Bill Plan) Balance Forward Amount


We are currently having an issue with the due date on our balance forward amounts for payment plans. Per the SAP documentation:

"To ensure that the balance forward lines are not prematurely dunned or cleared by a payment, they are assigned a special clearing restriction (3), a dunning lock, and the due date 31.12.9999. This means that although the balance forward amount appears on the business partneru2019s account, it is not requested, nor does the business partner receive a dunning notice."

Currently, we have the clearing restriction posting properly, and the item gets a dunning lock, however, the item is inhereting the due date of the invoice document, which is from the payment terms on the CA. As such, when we invoice subsequent months, there are LPC's being charged on the balance forward amounts (Main 0150 Subs 0010/0020).

Has anyone experienced this? We are unsure if this is a program error, or if somewhere in our config we have made a change which is causing this issue.

Thanks in advance,