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Feb 10, 2011 at 06:45 PM

Close a component depending of another component


Hi Gurus!

i know this question could sound similar to a hundred of other..but i didn't find the exactly case. Please i really need to found a solution to this.

I have a component A, at save time I call to create_popup_to_confirm, if the answer is Yes in the popup, I call to create_window_for_cmp_usage to a component B (with interface node), and the pop up disappear.

So, component A -> pop up -> component usage B. But when i have the focus in B, the pop up is not there.

I need the follow: when component usage B is closed -> close automatically the component A.

I have try to send by reference the windows of component A, So, i can make windows_A->close() but it doesn't work, because I get the reference of windows pop up 😔

I have try to subscribe to windows close event..and in component A doesn't catch it.

Please! Help me!

Thanks for all!