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Feb 10, 2011 at 06:33 PM

Unable to start Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow v1.2 app in my iPhone


Hello experts,

For an upcoming customer demo I need to setup Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow free app in my 3G (though not using 3G yet) iPhone running on iOS 3.1.3. I downloaded this free app from AppStore using my apple id, uploaded it into my iPhone through iTunes (v10), did the necessary configuration in iPhone settings as mentioned below:

1. Server name :

2. Server Port : 80

3. Farm ID : <username>.SUPMessagingFarm

4. User Name : <user name>

5. Activation Code : <password>

6. URL Prefix : /ias_relay_server/client/rs_client.dll

But when I am trying to run the application by clicking (touching) the sybase icon, the sybase screen is showing up for 1 second and then closing. Assuming that it may a case of corrupted app, i deleted the app with all its data from the iPhone and reloaded it from iTunes, soft booted the iPhone with no change in the result. I also tried the first technique as mentioned in this [link|] but the result is same.

Can anyone out there please help?

Thanks in advance,