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Feb 10, 2011 at 05:02 PM

Customer exit to add code when saving a project in CJ02 and CJ20N


We currently use customer enhancements CNEX0006 and CNEX0007 to add new fields to the project definition and WBS elements.

We now have a requirement that when one of these additional fields is changed a separate table is updated with the date and username.

I can check changes in the PAI of screen SAPLXCN1 600 and 700. However at that stage I donu2019t want to update the new table. I only want to do that if the user ultimately saves the changes, which might be in the project definition or WBS. So this can not be done in the PAI of these screens.

What I need is a customer exit which allows me to run some code when the project definition or WBS elements are saved. The change could be made in the project definition and then the user could go into various WBS elements before saving the project.

Is there such a user exit available?

Thank you