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Feb 10, 2011 at 04:07 PM

SQL Server 2005 Performance issues with 8.8


This title might be slighly wrong... I'm not able to really identify this problem as one with SQL or 8.8.

Recenly we upgraded the client to 8.8 and the client also upgraded to 2005/SP4. These upgrades happened with days of one another.

Now with the users on 8.8, they are seeing (complaining) that large reports and large updates are taking too long. For some examples (such as a BP aging report), I can see the problem. The application now pulls all the detail into a single form, where as before that was not the case. Ok, that's more data and it takes longer.

But another user runs a simple Check Printing and then confirms all the checks. When printing 10 checks and confirming, the confirmation takes 5 minutes!... Way too long.

We still see occasional lenghty processing times for other reporting too. Longer than it seems necessary.

So this is an open-ended question.... Has anyone else experienced this?

(FYI, our SQL databases are running in 'simple' mode.)


~ terry.