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How to invoke or send a value from One IView to Another ?

I have an JDBC IView with some columnn configured on some table.I want to know how can i pass the a value from my current IView to another JDBC IView so that i can make that IView visible based on the value passed.

Is it possible ? If yes can anybody help me ?

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 09, 2004 at 10:11 AM

    Hi Abhilash,

    I've been trying to do a similar thing but for large amounts of data. Here is my solution for a single value that works find in EP6 SP2.

    The first iview needs to pass a name/value pair into the url of the second iview.

    My second iview is :


    so I add in the name value pair :

    Where 10002 is the data I wish to pass and "test" can be called anything you like.

    You then need to retrieve the data in the destination (second iview) by querying the request.

    This can be done in the doProcessBeforeOutput or doContent or other methods. The java code is :

    String test = (String) request.getParameter("test");

    if(test == null){

    test = "The parameter is missing";


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    • I don't know how to do it in the jdbc iview wizrd. I'm wondering if it works at too high a level to allow this sort of functionality.

      I think you'll have to write a JSPDynPage iview and code the jdbc call yourself using the connector framework. That way, you'll have complete control over the processing.