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Feb 10, 2011 at 06:06 AM

Creating nested table in Adobe Forms


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am a long suffering (16 years) ABAP Developer who is new to Adobe Forms. My client has recently upgraded to ECC6 and we have installed Adobe Lifecycle Designer 8.0. I have been tasked with designing a Pick Slip form to be generated upon creation of the delivery note in core R/3. I have designed a non-interactive from, and have can get it to generate from the backend transaction displaying header/label information, but I cannot see how to output the critical data, namely delivery note line item details and associated batch line details.

I have collected all my data into a table with a deep structure: each line contains delivey note line item, material number, descripton, etc. The last cell in this structure is a table, into which I have collected the batch data for each batch line associated with this delivery line.

I thought this would the simplest way to display the data the client wants - namely loop at the table, write line item summary on one line, followed by batch details for the line, and repeat for each line on the delivery.

I have imported the table into the context folder of the Form, but I have no idea how to display the data in the form itself. I can, for example, bind the table to a table object, but I cannot set the fields to display the necessary data, or I can bind one table (say the batch details, but not insert/bind the Delivery line table over that.

Any assistance would be greatly appereciated.

My final product would, ideally be similar to in structure to the following:


Delivery Line No Material Description QTY <- Delivery Line Header

POSNR MATNR LFIMG <- Delivery Line Item

Batch No Manuf Date Qty <- Batch Header


CHARG HSDAT LFIMG <- Batch Details

POSNR MATNR LFIMG <- Delivery Line Item #2

Batch No Manuf Date Qty <- Batch Header

CHARG HSDAT LFIMG <- Batch Line Item #2



Hope you can help.