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Feb 09, 2011 at 09:40 PM

4KE5 not allocating Balance Sheet Accounts


We created a new cycle for 2011, when we run 4KE5 we noticed that only expense accounts are being allocated correctly but balance sheets are not being allocated for a specific profit center. This was working in 2010. These accounts are non-recon accounts. The only difference we are doing is that we are now running F.5D and 1KEK to transfer receivables to controlling.

The accounts that are not being allocated are in table 3KEH, so nothing change for them for 2011. When I run 4KE5 I don't get warnings or hard stop errors for this profit center. All other profit centers are allocating correctly except one the only message we get when we run 4KE5 for the profit center in question is GA171. The curious thing is that if the account is an expense account is allocating, but if it is a balance sheet acct it does not.

Has anyone experience this before?