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Feb 09, 2011 at 07:06 PM

Mapping question: How to handle a 'SUPPRESS'ed context collapsed node



I have a question; not sure if this falls under Java UDF question or PI mapping question.

I have a mapping, source is XML and target is an IDoc.

The current mapping for a target field is as below:

Source field: "delivery_date" (it has date time - a string) - multiple occurance of this tag possible.

Target field: IDoc segment field.

In the map, I have a context collapse for "delivery_date" tag to get all values together (from multiple nodes) and then get the last value from all occurences using a UDF.

I have situation when the value is blank(tag exists, but no value). This is working fine. But when the tag is absent entirely from the source message, I am not sure how to handle this; it is a "SUPRESS" in display queue. "EXISTS"+ "NOT" node function doesn't work in this case if delivery_date tag is absent from source message, may be because the source field is "context collapsed".

Could anyone suggest a solution for this mapping when the tag itself is absent from source message?

Thank you.