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Feb 09, 2011 at 05:25 PM

MII Upgrade from 12.1.0 to 12.1.X


Hi everyone,

I'm planning the activity of upgrading MII from 12.1.0 to 12.1.X (latest 12.1 available) and I was trying to collect the biggest quantity of infos, to avoid any surpise. I think many persons already did it, but I wasn't able to find any post on this topic/forum, fully clarifing any possible doubt. And this is what I'm trying to do here...basically asking you and collecting infos...

Upgrade Overview

What I understood, reading around, is that this kind of "upgrade" isn't really a "release change", but more an application of Support Packages, to bring the v12.1 to the latest solution available. This means that it should be pretty easy to perform it.

Anyway everyone should read carefully the whole guides and notes available, evaluating the benefits (in my opinion it's almost mandatory to fix every bug), applying it on QA environment, testing and moving to PROD (apply there again).

We would have different impacts if it was a real release change, like 11.5 to 12.1...

Basically we will have to pass:


NW: SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1

MII: Ramp up Knowledge Transfer release (12.1.0 build 201)


NW: SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1 SP05

MII: General Availability release 12.1.7 (or 12.1.8)

Where to find necessary files and documents

I saw there are two sections where to find useful files...

from the SAP Service Marketplace --> Software Downloads --> Installation and Upgrades


from the SAP Service Marketplace --> Software Downloads --> Support Packages and Patches

Following my previous idea, I would look for the second path, considering I should simply patch my system and not migrating to a newer release.

After downloading NetWeaver Support Packages Stack from ISS to SP05 (after selecting every necessary item and caractheristic of the stack), we should find (always under the second path mentioned above), a list of available SPs and their patches of MII. Probably the best idea it would be to use last SP (today 08) and its patch (just one at the moment).

Does it mean after patching we'll have v12.1.8 ?

Reading note 0001537813 linked to MII SP08 I found:

"The MII Security Guide and Upgrade Guide have been updated for MII 12.1

SP08. Both guides contain important new information for SP08. Be sure to

completely read and understand both guides as well as this note prior to

upgrading MII 12.1 to SP08; failure to do so could cause MII behave in an

unexpected manner."


from the SAP Service Marketplace --> Release & Upgrade Info --> Installation & Upgrade Guides

there is only "SAP xMII 12.0" section and if I look at the list of available docs

Upgrade Master Guide SAP xMII 12.0 is showing version=0006 changed=24/11/2010, but if I download it, doc is saying

Document Version 1.3 - February 2009, not speaking of SP08

(Component) Upgrade Guide is showing version=0006 changed=24/11/2010, but if I download it, doc is saying

Document version: 1.3 u2013 February 2008, not speaking of SP08

Are these documents not really updated, or it is missing a full section (referring to 12.1), or these docs have to be used only for what I called "Release Change"?

I found some reference to SPs implementation in the Solution Operation Manual (unfortunately 12.0) @ 6.1.4

which considering "differences of versions" brought me here -->

Is it the right approach to use Java Support Package Manager to implement support packages both of NetWeaver and MII ?

Is there a guide really supporting these implementations? Where is it?

Upgrade steps

Necessary in case of missing guide

Best Regards and tnx for collaboration.