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Feb 09, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Short dump in ALV when clicked on a column.


Hi Everyone.

I have an alv report with following code. Code is given in following posts also as it exceeds the maximum length of a post.

Main program:

report z_sample_program.

include z_top_include. "Data decalrations.

include z_sample_selection_screen. "Selection screen include

include z_sample_subroutines. "All subroutines

*During INITIALIZATION the standard values for parameters or selection criteria,

  • which are declared in logical databases, can be changed.


*Clear all tables and work area.

perform f_initialize.


*Retrieve Data

*NOTE:TABLES as form parameters is obselete. Instead use CHANGING.

perform f_data_retrieval using p_vkorg p_auart "USING & CHANGING Parameter.

changing i_vbak i_vbap.


*Build Fieldcatalog for ALV Report

perform f_build_fieldcatalog.

*Build layout for ALV grid report

perform f_build_layout.

*Build events table

perform f_build_events.

if rb_alv eq c_x. "If the first radio button is pressed.

  • Display report using ALV grid

perform f_display_alv_report.


  • Download to an presentation server file.

perform f_download_to_file using p_path.


When I click on a column it goes to dump. Earlier I hadnu2019t have the line wa_layout-box_fieldname = c_sel

in form f_build_layout and it was working fine. This line i added for rowselection. Could anyone please help me what is the reason for this dump.?