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Feb 09, 2011 at 03:20 PM

CO19 - Backflush - Final Issue



We are running into an issue with the final issue indicator for components when we are using CO19 to confirm orders. The Process is that we first complete a B10 (Processing Started), then a B40 (Processing Finish), then a V40 to complete the variable activity finish. The reason we are doing the V40 is because we are using BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE, which cannot set the field FIN_CONF with the B40 (note 1230750), so the V40 (finally confirmed) will complete the final confirmation.

Here is the issue:

After the B40 record is processed, inventory tries to relieve for all back flushed materials. If there is NO inventory available to back flush, an error will appear in COGI, and the order reservation will stay in MD04. This is desired. However, once the V40 activity is completed (finally confirmed), the problem is that the Finial Issue Flag in the Production order is also getting checked. With the final issue flag being checked, it is removing the order reservation in MD04 for the back flushed material that is still in COGI. Because the error is still in COGI, we DO NOT want the Finial Issue flag checked, which will allow the order reservation to remain in MD04.

Is there something we are missing in configuration that will prevent the order reservation from being removed from MD04 if the material is not yet issued to the production order? In OPK4 we do not have the "Post Open Reservations" box checked.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you.