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Feb 09, 2011 at 01:44 PM

How to report multiple versions of data saved in a cube?



Sorry for the repeat posting - but there are three groups for APO and not sure which one will trigger a response.

I have some data in a DP planning area. On a regular basis, I want to save this data and export to a cube through the standard export process from DP Planning area to cube. Each export of the data is a version of the data (not to be confused with planning version). Management wants to be able to compare these versions and see how some of the key figure quantities have changed from one version to the next.

How to design a reporting solution so that a user can see previous versions? Could you elaborate the BW parts of the solution?

Is this a pretty common requirement and if so what is the common solution?

Note that the volume of data is not very high. The number of characteristics in the planning area is about 10 and the number of CVCs is about 200. Having said that, this is critical for management as it supports their S&OP process.

Please give your suggestions. Thanks.