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Feb 09, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Enabling the Local time stamp on Sales Order, Delivery, invoice & PO


Hi SAP experts,

I need the valuable inputs for the following requirement- the user ( India based)want to see the local time stamp on transactions VA01(Sales Order), VL01N(Delivery) and VF01(Sales Invoice), ME21N(PO). The system is currently fetching the Malaysian time on these.(invoice and delivery).

A small info about the issue: As India is 2.5 hrs behind Malaysian time so at 9:30 pm India time system date changes to the next day for us and any invoice done after 9:30 pm is showing next day's date. Also the time reflected on the Invoice is Malysian time which should be actually the local time. As per user, it is a non compliance on regulatory front.

To simulate the issue we have created an invoice on 3rd Jan at 4:01PM Indian Std time but the time reflected on the invoice is 18:31 which is MY time.

Also provide help in where to see the time settings for these sales documents?

I am new to the SAP, All the valuable suggestions are highly appreciated.