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Dec 10, 2016 at 06:02 AM

Purchase order showing open quantity in MD04 even after full quantity received


Hi SAP Gurus,

Open quantity is still appearing in MD04 though full quantity is received against Purchase order.

The Purchase order was having two line items for same material and user had did some item changes which is as follows

Item 10: Initial PO qty was 816 EA and later changed to 756 EA (GR taken on 16/08/2016 for 756 EA and Order qty changed from 816 to 756 EA on 26/10/2016)

Item 20: Initial order qty was 1632 EA and later changed to 1692 EA. (Order qty changed on 26/10/2016 from 1632 to 1692 EA and GR taken for 1632 EA on 27/10/2016 and 60 EA on 01/11/2016).

Now Open quantity of 60 EA is showing in MD04 against item 10 (ie., showing Qty as 816 EA and balance receipt as 60 EA)

Now we want to close this PO and don't want open quantity showing in MD04 as it gives misinterpretation.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,