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Former Member
Feb 09, 2011 at 12:01 PM

CUP Connector names


Hello CUP Experts,

I'm certain that many of you have encountered this problem.

Each CUP SAP Connector must be named the same as the CUA system name or the logical system name.

- In the CUA case this is no problem.

But when I need to provision system families without CUA connection the problem starts.

We refresh our Q/A system from the Production system a couple of times per year, since the Q/A system is as big as the production system we let it have the same logical system as the production system.

- Our admins say that a logical system name conversion would take days and we don't have that time.

Here the CUP problem starts, I have to choose not to provision the Q/A system if I want to provision the production system because CUP forces me to use the logical system name as the connector name.

Has anyone been able to solve this?


Stefan Ericsson