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Former Member
Feb 09, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Billing Relevance in item category


Hi All,

I have to create a proforma invoice immediately after sales order is created for the item with item category TAN.

1. Now when I am trying to create a proforma invoice F5 for sales order in VF01 the system allows me to do so which should not happen since billing relevance for TAN is A i.e. delivery related biling document.Please let me know why is this happening.

Item category billing relevance determines whether an invoice is to be created from an order or delivery then how come this is being allowed.

2. lso, since I need to create a proforma invoice after sales order then do I need to change the item category to say ZPRO with billing relevance as D and then create proforma invoice.

Once proforma invoice is created then again change the item category back to TAN, create delivery and bill.

Is this the right procedure or there is some way to do it.

Thanks and Regards