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Feb 09, 2011 at 09:23 AM

Error on resolving files/filenames created by XML Forms Builder



SAP Netweaver Portal Version: 7.00 SPS 14

I have implemented an own news scenario using XML Forms Builder. The news that are created within the portal are stored on a filesystem that is integrated into the portal as content repository.

The creation of the news works well and the name of the XML file is e.g. "New News". If I open the file the concent is correctly shown in a popup.

The problem is that some news seems to loose their knowledge "what they are" after a period of time. The filename changes to a cryptic description like "99rw9f9d9s9e4923.xml" and if I open the file it is shown in the webbrowser like a normal XML file.

I can´t identify why this does happen and I didn´t find any similar problem description in the SDN Forum.

Has anybody any idea?

Further information:

- XML Repository filter is set for the content repository of the filesystem

- the folder that contains the news files is only indexed for TREX Classification not for TREX Search

Thanks for any help on this subject.


Sven Keller