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Former Member
Feb 08, 2011 at 10:20 PM

Issue with crystal's currentdate variable


Hi all,

I am trying to fix an old report. Here is the issue...this report is supposed to print last months data based on a create date.

It has ' create date in the period LastFullMonth ' in the record selection formula..but it is printing dec 2009 data regardless of report run date. I looked at the sql generated by this report (database -> show sqi query) and it substituted create date >= dec 01 2009 and < jan 01 2010.

I tried to print currentdate and it printed Jan 28 2010. Just to make sure there is nothing wrong with my system calendar, I created a new dummy report and printed currentdate on that report but it printed feb 08 2011 which is correct.

I was under the impression that variables like currentdate actually look at the system date but this is weird. Does any one know the reason for this behavior?

Appreciate ur help!