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Feb 08, 2011 at 10:07 PM

Inventory Cube


Dear All,

I request some clarification. We have an inventory cube that was getting loaded everyday from BF and UM. BX was done initially. So at the PSA level we have data of BF and UM from the day we started loading the cube till present day. But when we update the delta everyday for BF and UM the cube di not use marker update and it has been 6 months of everyday load. We are going to discard this cube shortly.

Now we are making a new inventory cube which gets updated using the same BX,BF,UM datasources.

This time , we already have PSA in BI for BF and UM. We plan to do a full BX pull first. Push that into the new cube. then,

Although I am aware, for the first time, when we do BF and UM, we do an init without data transfer at the datasource and then a full load and DTP to cube without marker update. Successive delta should have marker update.

1. Will this BX pull bring in history till present date?

2. Since I have PSAs for BF and UM updated already in BW on a daily basis, after the BX, how do I proceed?

A. Do I perform a DTP init without data transfer at the cube level for BF and UM. Then do a full update DTP without marker update. After that follow it up by successive deltas with marker update?


Jack Silverz