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Feb 08, 2011 at 08:31 PM

Could someone propose a solution to handle Fresh Vegetables and Fruits?


There is something called Food Terminal. You may look at some pictures to get an idea of what is traded here -

I could sell SAP B1 to a prospect if someone could help me put together a solution. In essence this distrubtor picks up fresh fruits and vegetables as cases, cartons, boxes, eaches etc, but nothing is barcoded. This prospect is losing money, he does not know if some items were distributed and not invoiced, or if few boxes fell down and got destroyed or for that matter stolen etc.

Can someone experienced propose a suitable solution to handle this?

a) Is there an elegant iPAD based web application that has nice pictures drawn like vegetables, fruits they are click and enter a weight or boxes or some unit that gets transofrmed into daily purchase orders on SAP B1?

b) Any audio that we can talk into and gets converted into SAP B1 purchase records?

At the end of the day, he wants to reconcile the inventory and invoices etc. I believe, if the purchase data is input then rest of the things are easy. He sure is frustrated with lack of control he has now as he does not see the big picture.

What do you suggest? how to handle it?

Please provide me with an add on and integration software that would be necessary to put it all together.

Thanks a lot compatriots! I would love to win this business. I will be meeting this guy on March 1st. I could put together a demo if it is feasible.