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Feb 08, 2011 at 05:34 PM

How to get hold of master data changes log in APO/R3


Hi folks,

I am new to APO as well as SAP, hence pls pardon me if my querries seem naive 😊

I am in a situation which is as follows:

"We had to conduct a SNP Optimizer trial-dummy run for DRP planning for testing purpose. Hence we picked up one product maintained at six location in the PRODUCTION system & then copied the product master as-it-is to the DEVELOPMENT system

(The product-location combination was already present in the DEVELOPMENT system, we just copied all relevant APO master data details like SNP1, SNP2, Lot size, PPDS, Procurement, Demand & GR/GI, all details)

The intention being that we would run the Optimizer in the DEVELOPMENT system with exact Forecast, Stock in Hand & similar Product Master details for location-products.

However to our surprise many details of the Product Master in PRODUCTION were found changed after a week. For instance:

1) The SNP Production Horizon (SNP2 tab) was changed to 999 days instead of the earlier 0 days

2) The location dependent penanlty costs were also changed (SNP1 tab)

My querries are:

A) Are the product master changes in PRODUCTION dynamically changed by the end-users (supply planners) in R3 system & does it gets instantly reflected in the product master in APO (is thr a LAG is any of these movements)?

B) How to study the log for the last changes (say last 10-12 changes in product master for a particular field) date-wise & user-wise?