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Feb 08, 2011 at 04:27 PM

Prevent drill-down when result = 0?


I wonder if a requirement I have can be fulfilled. I have a query with two characteristics drilled down onto the rows. In some cases, the key figures for a given combination add up to zero, and thus that particular row will not appear because I have suppress zero rows enabled. However, the user may add a third characteristic to the drill-down that suddenly makes the combination of the first two characteristics appear, because the detail of the third characteristic has values, but they offset each other at the higher summarization level of the first two characteristics. What I would like is for the drill-down to only be added where rows for the first two characteristics appear. I tried using Conditions for this, but I had no luck. Is this even possible? I am using BEx 3.5 on top of NetWeaver 7.0.


Char 1 / Char 2 Result = 0.

Add drill down of Char 3, you see:

Char 1/ Char 2/ Char 3 Value A = 100

Char 2/ Char 2/ Char 3 Value B = -100

In the above case, I'd rather that Char 3 values didn't appear at all, because they offset each other for the result of zero at the Char 1/ Char 2 level.

Thanks for any guidance or help that can be offered.

- John