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Feb 08, 2011 at 03:38 PM

Send parameter from one script logic to another. SAP BPC 7.5 NW.



Before i start, want to apologize for my English.

We work on SAP BPC 7.5 for NetWeaver.

In general, we want to send parameter from one Script logic file to another script logic file.

I will explain why :

1. We have parametr like %C_CATEGORY_SET% (and another four parameter, like groups, currency and etc.) that work on one script(next, i will named it A_Script).

We will send this parametr from BPC EXCEL (we will create button, then use command MNU_eData_SelectPackage(we also set parameters) and run package that we need, also before we set script for this package by the SAP Guide. We send some data, and this A_Script work good. Everything that we want from this script work correctly. )

2. Next we create another script(B_Script) , and we want use %C_CATEGORY_SET%, but we don't know how use this parametr, if we will just write this parametr on Script Logic, apears error ("C_CATEGORYDATAVALUE" is not assigned to the Data Administrator). We try to solve this problem by using System_Constants.lgf, but we get error.


*DIM C_CATEGORY          WHAT=%C_CATEGORY_SET%;             WHERE=<<<;                   USING=<<<;    TOTAL=<<<

*DIM C_ENTITY                 WHAT=%ENTITYSET%;                         WHERE=<<<;                  USING=<<<;      TOTAL=<<<

*DIM GROUPS                   WHAT=%GROUPS_SET%;                    WHERE=<<<;                  USING=<<<;     TOTAL=<<<
*DIM RPTCURRENCY         WHAT=%RPTCURRENCY_SET%;         WHERE=<<<;                  USING=<<<;      TOTAL=<<<
*DIM TIME                          WHAT=%TIME_SET%;                          WHERE=<<<;                  USING=<<<;     TOTAL=<<<

If we will change %C_CATEGORY_SET% for ACTUAL, and also change another parameters, script will work, package will run correctly. But we need using parameters, because we didn't exactly what will choose our client.

Our question have BPC Script Logic some kind of Globar Parameter(Variable), that we will set in A_Script, and then use them on B_Script?

How can we define parameter from another script logic, maybe we should send it?

Should we use System_Constants for solving this problem, if yes, how?

Any help will be appreciated

Best Regards,

Erlan Kadraliev

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