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Feb 08, 2011 at 08:35 AM

substitution of account assignment in VF02


Hi All experts!

I am releasing previously saved SD invoice with VF02. We have costing-based CO-PA activated.

Revenue account is a cost element with type 11 "Revenue".

No real internal order is assigned to SD position as account assignment object so program trying to make post to CO-PA object.

I want to change account assignment logic for some revenue accounts. I want revenue to be posted to internal order.

I replace profitability segment to internal order in CO substitution setting COBL-PAOBJNR = '00000000' and COBL-AUFNR=internal order number.

I suppose that there will be no CO-PA document created. But user-exit COPA005 "Enhacement of actual update" in CO-PA is calling all the same. It seems that CO-PA document is projected anyway. I dot want any CO-PA document be created.

I have implemented OSS 167246 but It did not help.

Is it possible to make account assignment substitution replacing CO-PA object to real internal order in my case? How I can avoid creating CO-PA documents in certain cases (for example depending on revenue account).