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An Aid For BSP Development

An Aid For BSP Development


I have developed a small tool as an aid to BSP Development.

I describe it briefly here.

You can see screen shots on Click on BSP Find.

It turns out that the tool is even more useful than I figured as I wrote it.

It took over a year to write at weekends and in the evenings.

As it got more and more powerful I saw that it was enabling me to do things I could not otherwise have done.

I also believe it would be extremely useful to extend it in some ways that seem to offer themselves naturally now.

So here’s the description:

Find a String in a BSP

(A BSP means here : The BSP in SE80 + its models defined in the BSP + its application class.)

The program runs thru a BSP and its Models and its Application Class and looks for whatever string of characters you require.

It produces a legible list showing the places you should go to find that string. (See screen shots).


This cuts down work time as a developer enormously.

In addition, if you seek an empty string the program will list the whole BSP. Thus you can print your BSP.


I have since extended it to run over a range of BSPs. You can’t run over many because it takes too long but you can run over 2 or 3.

What I should like to do now:

The program proves to be so useful I should like to see if it is possible to:

* Integrate it to any extent into the ABAP Workbench. It is purposely completely separate at the moment.

* Use it to compare BSP Versions. We have just received Service Packs and a large BSP has been changed. It would be good to have a tool to show the differences between our copy of the old version and the new one.

Would anyone be interested in cooperation on this? Its probably too much work for me alone. In particular the workbench question would presumably require cooperation with SAP itself?

Kind regards

David Lawn

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 04, 2004 at 10:20 PM

    There is no doubt that this is a very excellent tool. We have had this problem many times before. Often we can see in the HTTP trace the error, but have no way to easily find the source in the server. What we currently do is a hack: we download the source, and search on disk. Very clumsy. In this sense, we can clearly see the value in this tool. I can only support David in saying that this is a very useful tool.

    From the side of the SAP, we can unfortunately not help. I will forward you append to the workbench group to again check. But we have to see the reality that our team is already overcommited for Netweaver '05 development.

    Which does not prevent you from just running this program directly from SE38 (or even better, assign it a transaction code). This does not reduce the true value of the tool.

    If there are people interested in building a small group to help David, it will be good, and I see a lot of interest. Important it that you just clear the licensing aspects. I think that using the forum for communication is ok (if you don't use emails).

    regards, brian

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