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Feb 08, 2011 at 06:38 AM

Is it possible to have a default date parameter and a date range parameter



I'm using Crystal Reports Professional XI.

I have a main report and several subreports reflecting summary information such as counts by department or names. I created two date parameters: BeginDate as Date type and EndDate as Date type. On the Edit parameter window, I didn't see where I could specify to allow Nulls for the End Date Parameter. Where can I specify that? When I test running the report and don't put anything in for the End Date it's forces me to put in a ending date value so that the report will run. This is not what the end user wants. What do I need to change so that the end user has the flexibility of running the reports by putting in a date range or if no date range is specified than user wants the report to be ran for the current date?

Also the end user who will be running this report is wanting to know if it's possible to have the input field for the BeginDate parameter to be filled in with the current date when the user is prompted to run the report?