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Feb 08, 2011 at 04:39 AM

No PGI w/o shipment document


Hi Experts,

I had a requirement say, before creating the Shipmet document , PGI should not be possible by the user. I know that we can control thru' VTFL price source "F", but this has control after shipment cost doc at the invoice level since we don't want to create shipment cost doc at the delivery time we have dropped this idea.

Hence we tried with a delivery userexit by checking the status of the delivery Trans.palnning status shuld be "C" (VBUK-TRSTA), if not PGI not possible for sepcific delivery types(LIKP-LFART). It works fine. Is it fine to doing so? Anybody did this before? any neagtive implications? Pls advise.

Thanks in advance,