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Former Member
Feb 08, 2011 at 03:18 AM

Organization level field value cannot be maintained in derived roles.


Dear Experts,

I have a question.

We have derived roles in which some organization level fields cannot be maintained.

For instance as a deriving procedure:

1. Set * for the org level field BUKRS in a master role.

2. Derive child roles.

3. Set 1234 for the org level object BUKRS in the derived role (child role).

4. Generate the derived role.

The problem is:

In the derived role, we assume that the org field value 1234 should automatically be populated and set for all the relevant org fields, which in our case are BUKRSs. However, as we check the BUKRS object fields, some are set but some are not, left with the asterisk value of *. That means there is no company restriction, and financial documents can be posted for any companies.

Please give me some advice to resolve this issue.