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Feb 08, 2011 at 02:06 AM

Inbound QUOTA arrangement in CTM


Hi ,

my scenario is 3 manufacturing plants supplying the same material to one DC. example ( PL1 , PL2, PL3---->DC1)

i have maintained TLANE for all the three lanes.

but i have maintained inbound QUOTA only for two plants

PL2-->DC1 (40% split)

PL3-->DC1 (60% split)

i have a demand of 100 EA in DC1

After SNP run:

It splited the demands as per inbound quota..means PL2 got demand of 40 EA , PL3 got 60 EA.

After CTM run:

CTM is not considering my inbound quota ( QUOTA arrangement is not excluded in CTM profile). its placing all the demands in to PL1.

is it standard functionality of CTM? so we can not use quota arrangement in CTM? why its not considering other Two lanes