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Feb 07, 2011 at 08:11 PM

Credit Management: Change Customer Account Group (Sold-To)


I've been given a new requirement to manage credit for the Sold-To party on an order, but not for the Payer. I have been looking in FD32, OVA8 without success. Does anyone know where the settings for credit management for the customer type are maintained in credit management?

In other words, I would like SAP to only look at the Sold-To when determining whether the delivery should be blocked by credit management.


We are working with a new group of customers. Customer has sales office (Sold-To #1) and (Ship-To #1); but they have central billing office (Payer #3) and (Bill-To #3). If I setup customer in this manner, I am seeing Credit account for the Payer #3. Can I change thsi to the Sold-To #1?