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Former Member
Feb 07, 2011 at 06:44 PM

ALV set_first_visible_row not working after sort / totals


I am using ALV to display data from a dynamic node that I have created. I have added code for sorting a few columns, and then added totals for the numeric columns. In changing the configuration settings for the ALV I am using lo_value->if_salv_wd_table_settings~set_first_visible_row( 1 ) to try and display the initial grid starting with the 1st row. My problem is that the ALV grid always displays showing the last rows with the final total row. I tried moving set_first_row_visible around (after the totaling) but got the same result. The code will work if I just add sorting with no totals, but as soon as I add code to total the numeric columns I end up at the last row on initial display. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to initially show my ALV grid starting at row #1 with totals?


Jeff M