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Feb 07, 2011 at 06:24 PM

Exchange Rates


Hi Everyone,

We are currently looking to have an automatic feed of exchange rates run through our system. Prior to doing that, I'd like to clean up the exchange rates that are currently out there.

1. The business manually inputs both indirect and direct for currencies, meaning that for USD > EUR, they may enter direct as 1.5 and then EUR > USD as indirect 1.5. I haven't a clue why it was configured this way nor do they understand the reasoning behind it. They were told to do that a few years ago and have simply continued. Is there somewhere that I can have one or the other as a mandatory field rather than having both input? Can anyone explain why this would ever need to be done in the first place?

2. We also currently have an alternative exchange rate (EURX) tied to the M Rate, which is used for everything. The business maintains both the EURX as well as the M exchange rate types. To remove this, would it be as simple as going to IMG>>SAP Netweaver>>General Settings>>Currencies>>Check Exchange Rate Types and then removing the reference currency "EUR" from both EURX as well as EURO? Would I further need to remove/delete the entries in OB08 that referred to EURX?

Any help would be appreciated.