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Feb 07, 2011 at 03:06 PM

SQVI help


Hi all,

I am trying to create an SQVI report so i can convert eventually to run from SQ01

I am looking for some help to get me past an illegal join.

I believe the illegal join is because i am trying to link a 10 Char field to a 35 Char field.

Heres the story.

We upload data from a handheld device.

The interface will create a ZLO delivery for returns being made. It will reference the outbound delivery (zlf) in the ext delivery field on the header of the zlo

Similar if we have returns against a zul (plant to plant) then our interface will do a mb1b movement and give us a material doc number but will also reference the zul delivery in the ext document, on the header of this move.

Now what i want is to be able to enter a shipment number, it then look at vttp to find the zlf or zul deliveries on it, and then show me the zlo's that were created that references one the zlf in the ext delivery field and also show me the material doc that also ref the zul in the header.

when i try to link the ext id field (LIKP_LIFEX) to VBELN, this is where i get the illegal join.

ANY ideas?

Im very new to SQVI so if anyone is kind enough to take time to reply, please try and be basic in any explanations.

Many Thanks in advance