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Feb 07, 2011 at 10:03 AM

HANA for SCM / Snapshot reporting / Transformations


Hi All,

reading the information about HANA my mind comes up with bellow questions.

Would be great if somebody (from SAP?) can clarify.

1.HANA SCM Usage

How can HANA be used for SCM? Is it that SBO data services would be used to extract the data and put it into HANA or is the plan that BW will be always between SCM and HANA (SCM->BW->HANA 1.0).


HANA usage for ERP is from my perspective u201Creal timeu201D data availability in HANA. But how about snapshot reporting? E.g. if you want to see inventory level developments over last 12 months how would that be realized with HANA in place? Would you need to deploy data services to u201Ctake a snapshotu201D to HANA or can you u201Cconfigureu201D the replication between ERP and HANA in the way that it can u201Ctake snapshotsu201D. Same question is how Snapshot reporting for SCM will work (forecast plan this month vs. forecast plan previous month) ... or is HANA no option for snapshot reporting?


What is the scenario if there are any transformations required for reporting? E.g. to harmonize ERP data with other systems? How would this work with HANA? Would that mean that you would need to use a BW for this (load data into HANA later or later have the BW completly on HANA)?

Thanks in advance,