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Former Member
Feb 07, 2011 at 09:37 AM

Update KOMV-KBETR field for sales order and billing


I would like to update the KOMV-KBETR (condition amount or percentage) under condition tab for both Sales order and billing.

example:There are two condition types ZA00 and ZB00 and need to get the KBETR value from ZA00 and add it to KBETR value of ZB00 and update the sum in KBER value of ZB00.

1. creation of sales order & billing.

2. Change of sales order & billing.

3. For single & multiple line items in both sales order & billing.

4. during updation of price in the change mode of sales order & billing.

5.When user click on Update button in the condition tab(i.e., when clicked on Carryout new pricing)

I tried with the VOFM routine but as the routine is triggering multiple times the sum is calculated again and again.For that I set flags also.It is working for sales orders but for billing creation the field XKOMV-KBETR is cleared after this routine.

So I would like to know are there any EXITS for this scenario or any one entountered the similiar issue which I am facing.