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Feb 07, 2011 at 09:05 AM

Overtime assignment to a different cost center




Overtime with different cost center

DWS: 0800 - 1700

Actual IN: 0800

Actual OUT: 2300

Approved OT: 1800 - 2400

Cost center: 10100 (This cost center is different from the cost center in IT0001) should be charged for the overtime only.

Given the scenario above, I could not use infotype 2002 (create an attendance type as overtime) since if i input 1800-2400 the system will valuate the whole six hours (6) as overtime (note: the system should only valuate 5 hours- 1800-2300; approved overtime with comparison to actual in/out).

If I will use infotype 2005, it will have the same behavior as it 2002. 1800-2400 will be paid.

If I will use infotype 2007 via the GOT function, it will valuate the overtime as 1800-2300 (approved overtime with comparison to actual in/out) correctly BUT i could not charged the corresponding cost center. I already checked the spro and it 2007's cost center could not be activated.

Do you have any ideas in mind? Any comments are appreciated.