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Feb 06, 2011 at 10:21 PM

JSPM Connection Problem Waiting for SDTServer to connect ...


Hello folks

I have a Solution Manager EPH1, SPS25 on AIX 5.3 with Db2 9.5 FP6

I'm Trying to run JSPM but i have problems on SDTServer connection, here you have the shell that i have

bz1adm@sapbt309:/usr/sap/BZ1/DVEBMGS23/j2ee/JSPM 3> go

Current log directory is /usr/sap/BZ1/DVEBMGS23/j2ee/JSPM/log/log_2011_02_06_22_10_25.

Waiting for SDTServer to connect ...

I checked whether SDM was running and is running normally

bz1adm@sapbt309:/usr/sap/BZ1/DVEBMGS23/SDM/program 11> ./

Starting SDM - Software Deployment Manager...

tc/SL/SDM/SDM/ AG/7.0104.20090324110103.0000

JStartupFramework is active

Operation mode of SDM in JStartupFramework is "Integrated".

Check if Server is running already.

Another SDM Server is running already and correctly replied to a "Ping"

Could not start SDM. Processing error. Return code: 4

and here you have the jspm_config.txt

bz1adm@sapbt309:/usr/sap/BZ1/DVEBMGS23/j2ee/JSPM/param 11> more jspm_config.txt

/context/name = Jspm

  1. see

/dialog/directory = config/dialog

#/dialog/serverConnection = TestServerConnection

#/dialog/serverConnection = UaServerConnection

#/dialog/UaServerConnection/port = 6240

#/dialog/UaServerConnection/port = 4240

/dialog/serverConnection = SDTServerConnection

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/mode = SDTGui


/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/launch = true

/dialog/SDTServerConnection/SDTGui/config = jspm

/dialog/recordNameSpace = J2EEInputRecording

/dialog/recording = off

/dialog/autoCreateVariables = on

Any Ideas?? I'm using VNC server directly to server and normally i ran the JSPM on server, the detail is that on QAS is working without problems

Thanks and hope that you can help me

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