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Former Member
Feb 05, 2011 at 05:40 PM

IP Bex - Customer Exit Variable is not updated


Hallo Experts,

i have an input query where the user enters a country, which is a Variable of type Authorization.

Based on the country the currency is determined via User Exit.

Currency is a mandatory variable of type customer exit and not input ready.

When the user opens the planning workbook the first time and enters the country, the currency is determined correctly.

But when the user changes the country (via standard function Change Variable Value or via Planning Function) the currency is not updated. It is sometimes is updated, if the users enters the country a second time.

I doubt that the user exit is always passed correctly.

I have NO condition on I_STEP in the User Exit. I have tested with each combination of I_STEP but none of them has shown any influence on this behaviour.

Has anybody ever had a similar behaviour and solved the problem? Help is very much appreciated!

Thank you,