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Feb 04, 2011 at 01:00 PM

EREC: Receive multiple applications to a "finished" requisition


Dear Community,

we have currently a very strange case in our E-Recruiting system.

A couple of months ago our Recruiting Team closed a requisition because we found a suitable candidate. Also all assigned job postions and publications had been closed or phased out in a usual way. So far so good.

But only a short time later we received additional applications for this particular requisition even though nothing was longer posted. This fact is very strange because this requisition with all its relations is still finished, as we did it always successfully.

Until now we receive every day round about 5 new candidates who applied for other various jobs and not this certain one. So we are forced to adjust their relations individually. In my view technically this circumstance should normally not been possible, because all objects have a "finished status". Unfortunately we do not have a clue how those misguided applications found their wrong way into this particular requisition.

And we are only talking about 5 candidates a day. All other candidates don´t have problems with there submits.

We also activated a HTTP-Logging via AL11 to observe which URLs our candidates used on a suspected date. But the original URL was always correct. Moreover it is annoying that we are not able to reproduce this fact.

Maybe somebody of you has an idea.

Thank you so far.