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Feb 04, 2011 at 06:46 AM

EHS *.key file - Windows>Unix format



I wonder if I have a "Windows-Unix" systems compatibility issue here with a file I have for processing. Read on...

When I opened to view the contents of a key file in a Unix dir via SAP tc AL11, it showed '#' character at the end of each line. (This is not the case when I open one in a SAP Windows NT system envt.)

The file was created from a Windows system and uploaded to a Unix system via tc CG3Z.

Once in the SAP app server, tc CG36 reads this key file to perform the function of importing EHS Report files.

However, CG36 errored it upon reading the first line in the file.

How can I check if the key file is formatted for unix system. I also read a related note from IMG documentation: "Your system administrator must ensure that *.KEY files that were created on a DOS system were converted to Unix format before import." Does this apply in my case?

I appreciate your thoughts.