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Feb 03, 2011 at 10:13 PM

XML to CSV conversion is not happening using file adapter!


I am new to XI and with some extensive reading and hep of experts here I finished file adapter configuration for conversion of XML to CSV. here are the steps I followed.

1) Create new software componet version and product

2) I had XML1 with deep structure and since File content conversion does not work with deep struture, I created XML2 using mapforce that generated XSLT which I used in the configuration. I downloaded "xsl" file into "imported archives" in IR.

3) I created XSD schemas for XML1 and XML2. I downloaded these under "external definitions" in IR.

4) I created "otubound interface (used XSD1 as my data type" and "inbound interface (used XSD2 as data type). I found help on SDN that mentioned I don't have to create data type and message types because I am using xsds and data types are ddefined in those.

5) I then created interface mapping with source interface (XSD1) and target interface (XSD2) that would convert my XML1(deep) to XML2(simple) and then use this to create CSV file.

Integration directory:

I then created configuration scenario, sender communication channel, recever communication channel (with file content conversion), receiver determination, sender and reciever agreements and all that stuff. In receiver communication channel I provided "source directory" "file" and also "archive directory" where the file should move to after processing. I set poll interval as 5 but it takes half hour to process file every time! I am not sure what is worng here! The source XML dile XML1 is moving feom source to archive directory but it is not getting converted to XML2 and then to CSV! Is there a place to see XML2 as this is the XML that receiver should use as source to create CSV file. CSV file is also not getting created.

Could someone please give any feedback? I am stuck here and would appreciate your help.