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Feb 03, 2011 at 07:16 PM

0EMPLOYEE Time dependant attributes 0DATETO and 0DATEFROM usage in BEX


Hello gurus.

I read various posts but no clear answer on how the 0EMPLOYEE date attributes like DATETO and DATEFROM can be showned/used in a BEX query.

Problem statement:

I want to report on the 0EMPLOYEE master data and wants to use the validity dates (DATETO and DATEFROM). . 0EMPLOYEE is in a multi-provider with a custom DSO for infotype 1050 and infoobject HRPosition.. This infotype has the DATETO AND DATEFROM as well and it appears in the multiprovider and Bex.

When I want to report on the key date for the hidden attributes DATETO and DATEFROM from 0EMPLOYEE, the available variables (for key date) are on different date fields. When I create a custom variable it gets created under the infortype 1050 date fields that I have there. It look slike it finds the first date fields and create the variable under this infoobject. In my case it got created under the infotype 1050 multi provider data.

What is the solution/best practice under this scenario. Some people mentioned to create an infoset to use the 0DATETO and 0DATEFROM from 0EMPLOYEE so that the fields become visible in BEX. But then how do we use the key date feature if the fields are visible (or we then use the 2 visible date fields as field inputs instead of the key field ?