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Feb 03, 2011 at 01:37 PM

Sales area and Pricing procedure



Would it be correct to assume that:

1. There are n number of Pricing Procedures because of n number of Sales Areas that can exist?

To confirm and ask the following related questions relating to pricing:

1. To re-run pricing, does it mean all condition types in the sales order will be re-run?

If so, is it pricing can be re-run both automatically and manually depending on SPRO config?

2. If a condition type is set as manually entered, what happens or is the behavior when the sales order is created or item first entered in the sales order? What happens if nothing is entered? can the order be saved nevertheless? (I do not have a system access ). Is it that an error message will pop-up and no way to save it?

3. What controls what condition types can be entered manually? Am i right to say the pricing procedure's condition type control settings can allow to set what condition types can be entered manually and only these are allowed?

4. Can pricing type and re-run of pricing be enabled in a Delivery Order or only allowed in Sales Order and Billing Doc?