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Feb 03, 2011 at 09:18 AM

Interest Rate Adjustment - how to change interest fixing date



I have this activity that for every interest rate resetting, I will encode the new interest rate in TI10.

For swap transaction, the resetting I have is 01/14/2011 when it was originally contracted. However, given the governmentu2019s new thrusts on tourism, holidays were changed/moved in order to have long weekend. So the bank decided that the new interest rate resetting will be on 01/18/2011. Take note that there are already previous adjustments made in the past. When I reset the interest rate, I created a new interest rate, and I used the date 1/18/2011 in the actual fixing date. However, the accrual in SAP still uses the 1/14/2011 and not the 1/18/2011. So how do we solve this?